Worry - Laughter Lyrics And Life
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Don’t worry, about a thing…every little thing, is gonna be alright.  -Bob Marley

I come from a long line of professional, first-rate, Jesus-loving worriers. Yes, that’s right. I can worry like the best of them.

Sometimes (or possibly more often) I go to the worst possible scenario. A rash is flesh-eating bacteria; sore muscles are breast cancer; a fever, meningitis; and a headache, the options are endless! When Sean has a bad day at work, I make sure he hasn’t gotten fired before I pour him a cold drink. If one of my people don’t answer their phones, who knows what could’ve happened?

I just want to hear the words, “Everything is going to be okay.” But it isn’t always. But it really is.

There are so many things in my life that really aren’t ok with me. I am not ok that my pastor has a terminal illness. I am not ok that my dad died of a heart attack way too young and that my mom is having such a hard time living without him. I am not ok with the evil, cruel things in this world.  I am not ok when we have financial trouble or hard times in our marriage. I am not ok with cancer in so many close to us. Parenting is tough, and sometimes I am not ok with circumstances with our kids. I am not ok when life just doesn’t seem fair. Sometimes the things of this world can overwhelm me and I start to worry about what horrific thing is going to happen next.

But it is ok. This world is not my home. I love when Pastor Greg says everything that happens has passed through God’s heart. He loves us immeasurably more than I could ever imagine. When sickness or death happens, God is there. When financial and relationship troubles happen, God is there. When pain and fear and worry happen; yep, he’s there too. So, I rest on these eternal, trustworthy, proven words: “I am with you always, even to the very end of the age,” which is translated to, “Everything is going to be okay.” My hope is not in this world, but in Jesus Christ.





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