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I always feel like somebody’s watching me… -Rockwell

Sunday morning I rolled out of bed to see Kate making breakfast: Nutella and cream cheese stuffed French toast with strawberries. She even sprinkled powdered sugar on top. It was amazing! I thought we were having cereal.

The other night we were helping at a school party. (Yes, we’re THOSE parents.) Anyway, Allison was hanging around the check-in table, greeting everyone with a big smile and making them feel welcome. She was complimenting the girls on their outfits or their hair, easing the awkwardness of walking into a high school party.

Some friends dropped by the other night with three little kids. Emily immediately started taking care of the baby and playing with the kids.

We didn’t tell them to do this stuff. They just did it. Sometimes they amaze me. I realize how much they’ve been watching all these years.

Kate’s always been in the kitchen whenever I’m there. I’ve let her help since she was tiny. I’d set her on the counter or pull up a stool. She’d ask, “What did you put in there? How do you do this?” Now she’s an amazing cook…way better than me!

If Sean and I have one gift, it’s hospitality. We try to make people feel welcome when they’re at our house. The girls have picked up on this. When someone drops by, as soon as the doorbell rings, they shove stuff in closets and get out snacks! I don’t have to say a word.

Now, I would prefer to tell you the good stuff, but it wouldn’t be honest. I sometimes see other stuff that they’ve been watching too. I see them lose their temper or have a short fuse. I see them being critical or too busy to talk to someone who needs them. I see them gossiping. They’ve been watching me. I could go on, but you get the point. Plus, I’m getting depressed. I liked the first part better.

I want my kids to be these amazing Christ-centered kids who love Jesus with all their hearts and honor him with every part of their lives. I can read the Bible to them all day long, but if I’m not living it, how can I expect them to be any different?

Now that Allison’s driving, I’m much more aware of my driving habits. I still put on my makeup and have dance parties with blaring music while driving, but I’m hoping the “Do as I say, not as I do” will work out for us. Maybe I should change my ways.

If you come over and my kids are longboarding through the kitchen, sliding down the stairs on a mattress, or jumping off the roof, just know they’ve been watching their dad. I would never do that.


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