Party Animals - Laughter Lyrics And Life
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Party Animals

Party Animals

I wanna rock and roll all night…and party every day. -Kiss

Sometimes I’m so much like my mom it scares me. I hear her voice coming out of my mouth. Weird.

Sometimes I’m so much like my mom I’m thankful. She’s the best. I had an amazing childhood.

One of my favorite traits I inherited was her love of a good party. We have all kinds of parties around here. Dance parties, birthday parties, school’s in parties, school’s out parties, “hey, it’s Thursday” parties. When all my sisters and their husbands and kids come, we call them “trash the house and yell’ parties.

I’m not Irish, but you better believe we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The leprechauns used to come to our house and mess up the place. They’d leave clues to find the pot of gold. We had to stop that when Kate came home from 5th grade wondering why they only came to her house. I didn’t want her to get beat up.

It is a Kemp trait to decorate for every holiday. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites. I mean, cute hearts and chocolate and pink. I love pink. I love chocolate…a lot. When the girls were little we’d have a Valentine Tea Party with their friends. So adorable, if I do say so myself. I would even let them use the china teacups. We have a Valentine’s breakfast at the crack of dawn before school starts. It’s ALWAYS French toast with strawberries and pink milk. You’ve seen that bacon in the shape of hearts and wonder, “Who does that?” I do. (It really works, as if you need anything to make bacon better.) That’s where I give them my little gifts. Valentine’s night is Sean’s. He takes us out to a nice dinner and gives each of the girls a special gift. I love it. He won’t let me do the shopping for him. It’s his thing. Riots and protests occur if we even suggest altering the plan.

We have a tradition to have fun with our kids whenever possible. Hopefully it’ll make up for the times when life’s not so fun. Thanks mom!













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